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Forming identity, bridging connections, and providing resources for professionals providing direct care to people with developmental disabilities.

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About Us

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The Movement


“Coming together is a beginning; Keeping together is progress; Working together is success.” -Henry Ford

Piece by Peace is committed to supporting healthier community relationships for/with people who have developmental disabilities. One way we are doing this is by sharing stories- original or resourced- that highlight ways of getting involved politically. On this page you’ll find links to organizations that are taking action on this front throughout the country and the world.

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Autism Society of Maine, Legislation

The Autism Society of Maine believes that people affected by autism are full citizens and full participants in an open democratic society. All people with autism have the right to advocate for themselves at all levels of government. ASM monitors legislation in the Maine Legislature and disseminates e-mail alerts on pending priority state legislation that might impact those with autism.

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Speaking Up For Us

Speaking Up For Us (SUFU) is run by and for adults who live with developmental disabilities. This blog is written by SUFU’s legislative Associate to keep members up to date on relevant legislation activity in Maine.

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CTZNWELL is mobilizing the 40+ million wellbeing community into a powerful membership base that brings our values to life through education, advocacy and voting. It is a call to action for the community to come together in practice and values, get engaged around issues that matter and focus our collective action towards a more healthy society that ensures the wellbeing of all its people.

What We Do


At Piece by Peace we want to honor people who already contribute to making our communities more neuro-diverse and engaged. We believe that by sharing good stories from in-action gears more people can find a connection to inspiration, possibility, empowerment and knowledge.

Know some who’s making a difference? Interested in contributing stories? [button color=”accent-color” hover_text_color_override=”#fff” size=”medium” url=”” text=”Let us know!” color_override=””]

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